sanotact GmbH

Future needs … past tradition. sanotact was founded in Münster, Germany in 1951.

Today about 200 employees devote themselves to the service of customers and consumers and their desire for healthy & delicious food.

We are company both rich in traditions and future oriented as well providing millions of people more quality of life with a large number of products.

sanotact takes up a wide range of products with its brands: Our passion is lying in creating exciting confectionery, in particular glucose and breath freshener pastilles. This has made us to one of the leading companies in these segments. With intact for example we  have been the market leader for glucose products in German pharmacies  for 25 years.  

sanotact has also transferred its expertise and competency from branded goods to services in the field of private branding and private labelling. Numerous references from renowned industrial and commercial companies testify to the trust placed in the abilities of the company throughout the entire value chain.