Blink is a unique packaging and design concept embracing confectionery.

Blink comes to term with the dull and traditional packaging/wrapping design pervading the majority of the confectionary sector. Blink is just as much an accessory to be worn and shown. Blink has attitude and style, whether it is a mint, a piece of gum or…

We want Blink to be dynamic and in constant movement. Hence the tin designs will change over time and reflects the fashion trends. The different designs and colours, representing the various flavours, give the consumer a variety of possibilities to personalize and emphasize their style with a Blink mints.

In our modern streamlined industrialized world, where most basic needs are covered, we as individuals have  constantly stronger need to express ourselves. This is especially true for the young generation, also called Millenials. A generation who wants to stand out as individuals.

To achieve recognition and success, not necessarily in terms of money, but certainly in terms of »social currencies«, the Millenials of today are »broadcasting« themselves:  »see me, hear me, like me and love me«.

We believe that Blink has that attitude and style that matches today’s youngsters in their achievement to stand out as individuals.

In late 2010, the first five Blink mints flavours were launched. Since then four additional flavours have been launched. Today Blink mints can be bought in over 40 countries.